One of the most useful applications of steel is in structural reinforcement for the construction industries. Madison Steel provides a wide range of reinforcing products for your construction needs.

Concrete on its own is often not structurally sturdy enough for high-stress or heavyweight purposes. For this reason, steel is often used as a reinforcing agent. Steel wire mesh provides a strong reinforcement in the underbeds of walkways, roads, and industrial floors and ceilings. Pre-stressed concrete wire (PC wire) offers both strength and flexibility for structures like bridges, stadiums and parking garages, and can also serve as a structural reinforcement for mine shafts and cranes. Steel rebar serves as an even stronger reinforcement for larger structures sustaining large amounts of weight, or to stabilize concrete against the effects of the elements.

Our reinforcing steel products are available in varying sizes and strengths for a wide range of applications. Whatever your reinforcement needs may be, Madison Steel can help provide a solution to fit.

Madison Steel specializes in direct-from-manufacturer volume sales at low prices, and we only work with suppliers who adhere to the highest quality production standards. From our offices in Atlanta, Georgia, we coordinate with our seven distribution facilities across the country to ensure your shipment is delivered when you need it. For more information about our reinforcing products, wire products, recyclable steel products and other services, please give us a call at 404-343-4855. We look forward to speaking with you.

Reinforcing Products

Madison Steel is a global supplier of steel wire and related products servicing a variety of industries, and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Working in conjunction with over 30 manufacturers both domestically and abroad, Madison Steel provides you with access to some of the most consistent, proven wire mills and wire products in the world. What are the three forms of reinforcing steel? The steel reinforcement used in concrete construction is mainly of 4 types. Hot Rolled Deformed Steel Bars. Cold Worked Steel Bars. Mild Steel Plain Bars. Prestressing Steel Bars.