Patented WireThe term “patented wire” refers to a particular process through which steel wire is strengthened to particular specifications, rather than an actual type of wire. Sometimes called “improved plow steel” or “extra improved plow steel” wire, patented wire is high-carbon, high-tensile steel wire that has been put through a special heat-treatment process for added durability and strength. For this reason, patented wire is popular for use in the manufacturing of wire rope, music wire and high tensile spring applications.

The patenting process, developed in England, involves running high-carbon steel wires through tubes in a furnace heated to a temperature of 970 ˚F, then rapidly cooling the wire in air or molten lead. This has the effect of strengthening the wire without separating the iron from the other elements in the wire.

Patented wire can be made to a variety of hardness levels, depending mainly on the carbon level in the steel prior to quenching. It is also available in a variety of diameter sizes.

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Patented Wire

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