Aircraft CableDespite what its name suggests, aircraft cable is used for far more than just the aircraft industry. It is a thin, flexible steel strand available in a variety of strengths, applications and coatings, and is suitable for aircraft, maritime, military, industrial and commercial use in a variety of applications. This cable is available as either stainless steel or galvanized steel wire. Stainless steel aircraft cable is more corrosion resistant and is recommended for harsher or salt-water conditions. For milder settings, galvanized aircraft cable is an affordable alternative to stainless steel, although it is not recommended for aircraft applications.

The particular advantage to aircraft cable is that despite its flexibility and thin diameter (1/4 inch or less), its multi-strand configuration makes aircraft cable remarkably strong (from 1 X 7 to 7 X 19). For this reason, it is often used to secure large objects such as aircraft or shipping crates during transport.


  • Aircraft control
  • Boat docks
  • Securing ship cargo
  • Zip lines
  • Stage rigging
  • Winches and pulleys
  • Garage door cable
  • Exercise equipment
Sizes:Diameter Range: 1/16-1/4 inch, with custom sizes available
Types:Stainless Steel
Construction:1 X 7, 3 X 7, 7 X 7, 1 X 19, 7 X 19

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