Stranded WireWhen a blend of strength and flexibility is needed that a solid wire can’t provide on its own, stranded steel wire provides an excellent solution. Madison Steel offers a wide range of stranded products in various sizes and strengths for both critical and non-critical applications.

What is stranded wire?

As the name suggests, stranded wire is a set of wires bundled into a strand. Rather than having a single wire of a certain diameter (which is inflexible and can yield kinks which are difficult to remove), a number of thinner strands are wrapped around a core strand of wire to produce a cable of the same diameter. This allows the cable to be far more flexible within the same diameter, and less susceptible to kinks. It also adds a great deal of strength to the cable, much the way a multi-stranded rope is stronger than a single string. The number of strands in a bundle varies; a common configuration is 7-strand wire (six strands surrounding a central wire, or 1 x 7), but other configurations include 1 x 19, 7 x 7 and 7 x 19).

How are stranded products used?

Stranded steel wire is useful for many different applications. PC strand is used to reinforce concrete structures like parking garages and suspension bridges. Guy strand is used to anchor tall structures like broadcasting towers and telephone poles, while aircraft cable in various sizes and strengths can be used for anything from stage rigging to securing ship cargo.

Regardless of your particular commercial, architectural or industrial needs, Madison Steel can provide the type of stranded steel wire that is right for you.

Madison Steel specializes in volume purchases direct from the manufacturer at highly competitive prices, and we have the logistics in place to deliver your shipment on time. For more information about our stranded products, please call us at 404-343-4855.