PC WirePre-stressed concrete wire (PC wire) is a high-grade, low-relaxation steel wire that is primarily used to counter the low-tension qualities inherent in concrete. It is made from high-carbon steel with a high tensile strength, manufactured to exacting standards because of its common use in critical applications like bridges and other structures. PC wire can be drawn to a variety of diameters and manufactured to a variety of stress load specifications. When embedded in concrete, it may be uncoated, but for applications that expose it to the elements, it can be galvanized or epoxy-coated, similar to rebar. Also, depending on the application, PC wire can have an outer finish that is smooth, ribbed or nicked.


  • Commercial buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Cement poles
  • Railways
  • Crane beams
  • Bridges
  • Mines

Madison Steel supplies a wide range of steel products to a diverse number of industries across the globe, specializing in large volume purchases at highly competitive rates direct from the manufacturer. Our suppliers are dedicated to providing products of the highest possible quality, and our seven distribution locations across the U.S. help ensure that our customers receive their shipments on time. For high quality PC wire, PC strand, music wire, aircraft cable, rebar, recyclable steel scrap and much more, Madison Steel has the resources and the logistics to get you what you need, when you need it. To learn more about our supply and the services we offer, please contact our Atlanta offices at 404-343-4855. We look forward to speaking with you.

PC Wire

Madison Steel is a global supplier of steel wire and related products servicing a variety of industries, and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Working in conjunction with over 30 manufacturers both domestically and abroad, Madison Steel provides you with access to some of the most consistent, proven wire mills and wire products in the world. On-site Delivery. Managing the delivery process to get you what you need to keep your project on track. What is PC wire? PC Strand, or prestressed concrete steel strand, is a twisted steel cable composed of 2, 3, 7 or 19 high strength steel wires and is stress-relieved (stabilized) for prestressed concrete or similar purposes. What is PC steel wire? PC steel wire and PC steel strand are essential basic materials for the development of large infrastructure such as bridges, and in the field of civil construction and architecture. They are used as reinforcing wire for concrete structures and contribute to the prolongation of their life.