8 Common Uses for Aircraft Cable

Airplane tail with cablesThin, flexible and exceedingly strong, aircraft cable is one of the most useful types of steel cables available. It consists of thin steel wires that have been stranded together (usually between 8 and 28 strands altogether), giving the cable a fantastic blend of flexibility and strength. While usually no thicker than ¼ inch in diameter, aircraft cable is strong enough to secure an airplane in place (hence the name).

But aircraft cable isn’t just for aircraft; it comes in a variety of thicknesses and can serve a variety of personal, commercial, industrial and military purposes. Stainless steel aircraft cable is typically used in more strenuous applications because of its ability to withstand harsher temperatures and its resistance to corrosion. Galvanized steel cable is more affordable and nearly as strong, but it’s recommended for milder environments. Here are eight of the more common uses for aircraft cable:

Aircraft Control

Stainless steel cable is commonly used for securing and controlling aircraft (for example, during shipping and transport).

Securing Cargo

Aircraft cable is useful for tying down heavy cargo on ships. Again, stainless steel is recommended for this heavy-duty application because of exposure to the elements and salt water.

Boat Docks and Maritime Applications

Stainless steel aircraft cable is recommended for several uses with boats and docking, from securing boats to hoisting them out of the water. It is also useful for sailboat rigging, fishing boats, etc.

Pulleys and Winches

The strength of this cable makes it very useful for lifting and hoisting, so it is commonly used in winches and pulleys of different sizes and types. Depending on the particular context, both stainless steel and galvanized steel can be used.

Stage Rigging

Most live theaters are equipped with a series of rigging to open, close and lift heavy curtains, move backdrops, suspend, raise and lower lighting, and so on. Galvanized aircraft cable is perfect for most of these applications.

Zip Lines

Zip lines are increasingly used for amusement and recreation, and aircraft cable is sturdy enough to handle the weight and the activity. Both galvanized and stainless steel are used for these, depending on location and weather conditions.

Garage Doors

Because of its strength, aircraft cable is often found in garage door raising/lowering mechanisms (either galvanized or stainless steel).

Exercise Equipment

Aircraft cable (either galvanized or stainless) is quite useful in all types of exercise equipment, most commonly with weight machines.

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