Uses For Duct Wire

The inside of electrical cableSteel wire is often valued for its strength and tensility, but sometimes these characteristics aren’t what you need in a steel wire. Sometimes the malleability of steel is more important than its strength; sometimes you simply need it to provide basic structure and flexibility, like duct wire.

Consider the duct you use on your clothes dryer, which vents the hot air of the dryer to the outside. Dryer ducts often need to bend in order to fit in tight spots or around corners, yet they need to remain open so as not to obstruct the air flow. This is a great example of how duct wire is used. It provides a skeletal structure around which the outer membrane is stretched so it can bend without crimping.

Understandably, duct wire is designed for low-impact applications, and is not recommended for high-stress or heavy weights. Duct wire is manufactured to bend, not to resist—for flexibility rather than strength. Thus, duct wire is useful anytime you need a flexible duct, as well as anytime you need a steel wire that can bend without crimping.

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