5 Benefits of Using Oil-Tempered Wire

Cold-drawn and heat-treated, oil-tempered wire is used in a variety of applications. The process of oil-tempering it, essentially allowing it to cool after it is heated and then reheating it, makes it strong and durable, yet easy to bend. For this reason, it is often used to make springs for a variety of products.

  1. It Supports Heavy Equipment
    The springs in equipment like vehicles and garage doors are often made from oil-tempered wire. This is due to the fact that it is strong, yet flexible. It also absorbs impact and reduces noise and vibration.
  2. It is Easy to Handle
    Despite its durability, oil-tempered wire is easy to work with. You can bend, coil, or cut it without it becoming brittle, fatigued, or damaged.
  3. It is Inexpensive
    Oil-tempered wire is, perhaps, one of the least expensive wires on the market. This means it can be used on projects that require mass production or large quantities without driving up the prices in the end.
  4. It is Common
    Because it is so inexpensive and versatile, oil-tempered wire is also widely available. Most steel suppliers have it on hand and ready for purchase at all times.
  5. It is Durable
    The other reason why oil-tempered wire is often used in products like garage and warehouse doors or vehicles is that it’s built to last despite repetitive use.  It does require some stress-relief before use, but in exchange, it can last for years without breaking down.

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