8 Common Uses for Hard-Drawn Wire

Electric postHard-drawn wire is so common and affordable that you might not realize that many objects you use every day are made from it. As a matter of fact, it is a part of almost every industry in the United States.  Essentially, it is steel that is drawn to the required diameter without any extra processing. It is used in low-stress applications and can be bent into whatever form, size, or strength is necessary. Here is a look at 8 common uses for hard-drawn wire.

  1. Shopping Carts
    If you have ever pushed a shopping cart at your local grocery store, it was most likely made from hard-drawn steel or a combination of hard-drawn steel and plastic. The owner of Piggly Wiggly came up with the idea in 1937, and the American public has used them ever since.
  2. Baskets
    Many metal baskets are also made from hard-drawn steel, particularly the handheld ones offered in many retail and grocery stores. Like with shopping carts, because the steel is inexpensive, it is easy and not too costly to make them in large quantities.
  3. Car Parts
    Some parts of your car or vehicle may be made from hard-drawn steel, particularly springs used in the automotive industry. The price of the steel may even help keep the price of vehicles from climbing to unaffordable numbers.
  4. Hooks
    Whether you hang them on your wall or use them to fish with, most hooks are made from hard-drawn steel. They must be strong enough so that they do not bend with something hangs or is caught on them.
  5. Sewing Needles and Safety Pins
    Just like hooks, most basic sewing needles, as well as straight pins and safety pins, are made from hard-drawn steel. Again, it allows them to be mass-produced, and this is why you can buy a pack for a couple of dollars.
  6. Hair Accessories
    If you use any kind of metal hair accessories, like bobby pins or plastic clips with metal springs, they are most likely made from hard-drawn wire. Women have been using bobby pins to hold their hair in place since the late 19th century.
  7. Overhead Transmission Wire
    Next time you drive down the street, take a look up at the telephone or electric transmission wires overhead. Yes, they are usually made from hard-drawn wire, as well.
  8. Shelving
    Metal shelving is great for commercial and industrial use, but most stores do not want to pay much for study fixtures. That’s why they often choose shelving made from hard-drawn wire. Some other metal furniture is made from it, too.

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