Why Chrome Silicon is Great for Springs

If you need a type of steel that can handle any type of extreme, you may want to choose chrome silicon. It is usually used to make springs for items like firearms, race cars, and other high-performance vehicles. Here is a look at why:

It Can Withstand High Temperatures

Some types of steel might be more durable or can withstand stress, but they can only be used in certain temperatures. Chrome silicon works in both extreme heat and cold. For example, when a gun is fired, it gets hot and can even cause first degree burns if handled improperly. Its parts, including the chrome silicon springs, need to be able to withstand this kind of sudden temperature change. The same thing happens when a race car is driven around a track over and over again. The engine heats up, and all parts connected to it must be able to withstand that extreme heat.

It Can Withstand High Stress and Impact  

In addition to extreme temperatures, chrome silicon can also withstand the stress and impact associated with products like guns and race cars. Unlike high-carbon steel, it absorbs shock and impact associated with these items. This can also help cut back on unwanted and unnecessary noise and vibration.

Purchasing Chrome Silicon

Because it often performs when other types of steel won’t, chrome silicon is not always readily available at some supply companies. However, Atlanta-based Madison Steel has the resources and the logistics to get it to you as soon as you need it. Give them a call today at 404-343-4855.