What is Rebar?

Iron gridRebar is the word used for reinforcing steel bars used on structures made of concrete, brick, and other types of materials. The rebar, made of high-carbon steel, protects the structure’s materials from weather and extreme temperatures.  Rebar often has a ridged surface so that it better adheres to the masonry or concrete. Sometimes it is used in cross patterns for extra support. It can be used as primary or secondary reinforcement or for aesthetic purposes.

How to Avoid Rust Corrosion

Because rebar is usually not tempered, it can rust and corrode unless it is embedded deep into the brick or concrete, though not too deep. This is usually caused by weather, water, salt, and other elements, and it will eventually lead to cracks in the concrete. Over time, the rusting and cracking will cause the structure to fail. So how do you avoid this type of rust corrosion?

In a situation where rust may become a problem, a different type of rebar material may be used, such as low carbon or chromium, galvanized, or stainless steel. They often cost more, but the expense outweighs the risk in the long run. Epoxy-covered steel may also be used. In this case, extra care is taken when handling the bars because any type of damage could lead to corrosion over time.

Need Rebar?

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