Why Steel Wire is a Better Reinforcement than Wood


From concrete and asphalt to walkways and flooring, almost all types of construction need reinforcement. The question is whether you should use wood or steel wire. History has proven that steel wire works much better than wood. Here is a look at why:

The Price

Steel wire tends to be less expensive than wood or any other quality product that can be used for reinforcement for that matter. Though prices are always changing and may be affected by a number of variables, steel can be up to 20 percent less expensive than wood.


Steel also tends to be more versatile. Wire mesh, for example, is available is a range of weaves and strengths. Rebar is available in a variety of strengths and diameters. PC Wire, which is often used to counteract concrete’s low-tension qualities, is also available in a variety of diameters and strengths.


Steel wire has also proven to be more effective than wood reinforcements. It is quick and easy to install and work with, but it also brings a unique quality to any project. For example, wood might be prone to pest problems, but wire is not and wire mesh may even prevent certain pests from entering a structure. For projects where the steel reinforcements may be exposed to weather and other elements, it can be epoxy-coated or galvanized. This process makes it last for a long time.

Rotten Wood

Common Uses for Steel Wire Reinforcements

Whether you are working on a commercial or residential project, you might be surprised to learn just how many structures and projects can be built using various types of steel wire reinforcements. These include buildings, cement poles, railroad tracks, bridges, mines, crane beams, homes, roads, and much more. If you are in need of steel wire reinforcement products for your construction projects, Madison Steel can help. Call us a 404-343-4855 to learn more about our competitive prices and wide variety of products.